Global Insight: A Critical Skill for Today's Business Students

Andrew Main Wilson, chief executive at the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and AACSB's Dan LeClair have a conversation about the knowledge and skills business school graduates need to be global citizens.


Dan LeClair: [00:05] What do you think are the skills or the knowledge, the knowledge and the skills that MBA graduate or any business school graduate needs to be truly global citizens?

Andrew Main Wilson: [00:26] I think you have to worked, or have regular import/export contact, in at least two other foreign countries, and ideally quite different from your own.

[00:38] The question is, if you haven't worked in other countries, how do you replicate that experience quite quickly? A great master's program or a great MBA program with the cohort of multinational ethnic mix fellow students, often senior people, and a multinational faculty together with ideally a placement overseas is probably the next best thing.

[01:05] It's very interesting. If you look at many of the schools, the AACSB and AMBA work with, they're all rushing like crazy to build a global program with global students, globally experienced faculty, and at least one overseas visit.

[01:21] That's in my view a good way for students to catch up if nearly all their experience has been just in one marketplace.

LeClair: [01:29] That's a very good way of framing the attitude of business educators around the world and how important it is to maintain open borders, mobility across countries, especially in this education space.

[01:44] Thank you very much for sharing.

Filmed April 2017 on site at AACSB's International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) in Houston, Texas, USA.