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October 2021
B-School Leadership: Campuses Changed by COVID
With stagnant vaccination rates and continuing uncertainty about safety in person, how are b-schools adjusting the campus experience for learners, leaders, and faculty in the next term?
November 2021
Societal Impact: Broadening Educational Access
How are schools working to ensure that their programs reach potential learners who are limited by finances, opportunity, and mobility?
December 2021
Diversity and Inclusion: Considering Context and Culture
How do a school's local environment, cultural influences, and community composition help shape its diversity and inclusion objectives?
January 2022
Accreditation: Agile Strategic Planning
The pandemic has demonstrated why business schools need to be able to adapt their plans to disruptive forces. How can schools plan for future success while also allowing for change?
February 2022
B-School Leadership: Mentorship Models
Administrators, faculty members, and learners can all benefit from mentoring. What experiences are business schools creating within their institutions and with external business partners to develop impactful mentor relationships?
March 2022
Societal Impact: Engaging Corporate Partners
Partnerships can better align learning, teaching, and outreach efforts to create positive impact. How is your school engaging corporate partners to identify and serve community or business needs, provide tangible experiences, or fund initiatives?
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