Using Values as an Anchor in Shifting Society

Dean Rich Lyons of Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley talks with Dan LeClair of AACSB about the need to use values as an anchor for business schools in a constantly shifting society.


Dan LeClair: [00:16] Especially in times like now, times where we're not certain about what's happening in the world that this is an especially important set of ideas, this culture defining principles, have been especially important for your graduates.

[00:30] Would you mind commenting a little bit about that conversation?

Rich Lyons: [00:33] Sure. There's disruption and change going on all the time. This is a particularly remarkable moment.

[00:40] One of the things that I've said to our community at various moments is when things do feel tumultuous or disrupted or there's a big change as there has been in a number countries recently...I'll speak for myself and I've said the same thing to students in the community.

[00:58] When things feel like they've just gotten a little bit more blurry and I'm looking for clarity in my own life, values is what brings that clarity back to me.

[01:08] What are the things I stand for? What are the things that are non negotiable for me?

[01:12] We do that as individuals, but I think we also do that as institutions, business school included.

[01:17] Do we stand for something that we're proud of? Do we stand for something that anchors our place in the world, or don't we? It's really important that people have tremendous demand for that meaning and identification with something that matters.

[01:32] It's always important, but at this particular moment, I think it's especially important.

LeClair: [01:36] I like hearing that and I like thinking that business schools are a source of not only inspiration of development but also a source of values for a lifetime.

Filmed February 2017 on site at AACSB's Deans Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.