Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
for Global Prosperity

Global Diversity and Inclusion Summit:
Bridging Belonging and Societal Impact

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Diversity and Inclusion

At AACSB, our core values of diversity and inclusion call us all—members, volunteer leaders, and staff—to model diverse and inclusive communities of work and learning, and to continue to push for the achievement of full participation and belonging within business education, business, and society.

Our belief in the positive societal impact of business schools hinges on the shared commitments across AACSB’s network—the Business Education Alliance—to diversity and inclusion in collegiate business education.

Diversity is a culturally embedded concept rooted in historical and cultural traditions, legislative and regulatory concepts, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic conditions, religious practices, and individual and shared experiences. Our global lens reminds us to celebrate and pursue diversity in all its forms, and to learn from one another as we pursue progress within the many distinct contexts in which we operate.

Inclusion is achieved when diverse populations consistently experience a sense of belonging as valued contributors within their organizations and communities. Ensuring that policies and practices support inclusion is also one of the most powerful mechanisms for distilling value from the unique perspectives and experiences inherent in a diverse population.

We commit to promoting an environment in which:

The staff, volunteer leaders, and members who support AACSB’s mission will find AACSB to be a broadly welcoming, richly diverse, and inclusive environment in which to learn and work together.

Business schools around the world will find support from AACSB and the Business Education Alliance as they work to foster inclusive environments for learners and educators of all backgrounds, and to champion diversity and inclusion through education, research, and community engagement.
Learners and organizations around the globe will find AACSB and AACSB-accredited business schools to be the partners they seek in elevating best practices for diversity and inclusion in pursuit of positive societal impact.


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