Leadership Skills for the New Workforce

EY Foundation's executive director, Ellen Glazerman, shares her thoughts on the leadership skills that are needed to succeed in the new workforce.


Tom Robinson: [00:15] EY's been around about 100 years, as had AACSB. Things today are moving a lot faster, though, than they did 100 years ago. How does EY keep up with this change? How does AACSB keep up with this change?

Ellen Glazerman: [00:28] What we do is, we really sponsor people to be innovative. We have all sorts of incubators. We incent people at all levels. We've tried to completely break down the, "The person at the top has all the answers, and the person at the bottom needs to find them." It's really, we are all solving problems.

[00:49] We're looking for people to have three sets of skills that I think are relevant also in business organizations like AACSB and business schools. To be successful in business, you really need to have an analytics mindset. So, AACSB, EY, the schools, how do you use numbers and information to get to better answers?

[01:09] People need to have an innovative mindset, as we discussed. Things we're going to try, things that AACSB has tried, they don't always work the first time. How do you innovate them? How do you tweak them? How do you move? How do you get up and keep going forward?

[01:24] The third thing, and maybe the most important, is around the global mindset and having a real inclusive leadership style and understanding. No one person is going to have the answer in the future, so how do we get the best of all of our teammates?

[01:39] Look at the board of AACSB. It represents such a diverse set of business schools, with different constituents, and different problems, and different goals. When they come together to come up with the newest answers, they're good answers because everybody has that input.

[01:55] That's what we're looking for business students to have. That's what we're asking each of our employees, to be able to demonstrate all of those mindsets.

Robinson: [02:04] How about leadership skills? How important are those coming into an organization like EY? How do you assess leadership skills? How do you provide leadership skills if they don't have them coming in?

Glazerman: [02:14] Critical, is the short answer. The way we assess is we look at experience. What have you done, not how can you talk about it? How did you handle an assignment that failed? How did you work through a group that was really functional, and really not functional?

[02:28] How did you manage that process, and what did you learn from it? What are you doing in the community? Very important part of the interview process.

[02:37] In terms of what we do to train, we literally do millions of hours even in the U.S. a year in training both technical and some of these leadership, innovation, analytic skills.

Filmed on site at AACSB's Annual Accreditation Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 2017.