Management’s Role in Society

October 2015

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Highlights from this Segment

  • In order to change the tainted perception of business to the outside world, we need to develop more entrepreneurs who are aware of their social contribution, who care about the fairness of their companies in relation to society.
  • Good management is synonymous with ethical management. We have to train and develop good managers who are aware of the impact of their behaviors.
    • To transform local, economic, and global environment, b-schools need to teach future managers to leave aside arrogance and superiority and embrace humbleness and honesty; they need to realize they are at the service of the rest of society.
  • At IE Business School, there is a high percentage of entrepreneurship students—students who want to pursue startups, rejuvenate family businesses, turn corporations upside down to make them more innovative, and develop spin-offs of large corporations.
    • Many student also want to transform public administration, through the popular social entrepreneurship track, so they can later give back what they’ve received in terms of education and preparation.