Establishing Partnerships with Industry

September 2015

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Segment Highlights

  • Lubin’s New York City location in the heart of the financial district is ideal for business schools looking to establish industry partners. However, not every student qualifies for an off-campus internship, so the school had to develop ways to work with companies to give these students experiential learning opportunities. Examples include the following:
    • Academic competitions, such as working with a media agency in creating data analytics competition among Lubin students. Through such activities, students get hands-on learning experience and preparation for the professional world. Further, competitions can serve as a sort of audition for internships and jobs for students.
    • Creation of consultancies with companies, where students take on a project with a company addressing a specific issue throughout the semester.
    • Student-run businesses that serve university clients.
  • In regard to schools not located in a metropolitan area, there may be even more opportunity to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs. Such schools can reach out to Main Street and offer opportunities to work with students on projects that small businesses may not have the resources to do themselves.
    • Such experiences can create value and provide equity to local constituencies while providing great learning experience to students.