Advancing the Impact of Business School Research

Jerker Moodysson, dean of Jönköping International Business School, sits down with AACSB Explores to discuss the importance of business school research and how we might advance the impacts it can make.


Jerker Moodysson: [00:21] I don't think that business school education is used to its full potential for the benefits in society, I think there's much more to develop further. One important barrier, I think, is the incompatible incentive systems for research versus contributions of practice.

[00:31] I think that researchers tend to look upon involvement in society as second best, and therefore, it's not really given priority among the scholars. If we want to increase the impact of business school research in business and in society, I think we have to start to think about it as synergies rather than either/or.

[00:58] There's not a trade off between, how should we say, applied research and basic research, rather the other way around. There are synergies between them and I think we need to recognize those synergies.

[01:11] I think we need to provide incentives for scholars to move between business and research. I think we have to seriously consider the different logics between those two, should we say communities, or worlds.

[01:26] While the schools are working in three year projects, we present the results three years into a project, the businesses want to see results within three months. I think we need to find ways to deal with this if we are seriously trying to improve the impact of research.

Filmed February 2017 on site at AACSB's Deans Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.