Societal Impact Exercises

Exercise 1: Aligning Mission and Societal Impact

The standards place a high emphasis on societal impact, but also stress the importance of pursuing societal impact in alignment with your school’s mission and strategic plan. Individually or with your colleagues, follow the exercise to uncover new opportunities your school could take to better align its mission with societal impact.

  • Look at your school’s mission statement.
  • Identify some of the key dimensions that would describe your school’s societal impact priorities.
  • Write down how your school is defining societal impact.
  • Consider individually or with colleagues:
    • What does “societal impact in alignment with mission” mean to you?
    • What does it not mean?

Take Action

Based on this reflection, what next steps are needed in your role, and/or for your school, to achieve societal impact that aligns with your school's mission? 


Exercise 2: A Business Lens on Business School Societal Impact: How Are We Connected for Better?

For schools to truly make an impact on society, they must be relevant and effectively engage with business. Schools must be able to understand the needs of business stakeholders, and be able to effectively communicate ways they are contributing to healthy societies.

The following questions can help guide schools as they consider the perspective of their business stakeholders. The questions can also serve as prompts for business partners (e.g., on advisory boards, etc.) for developing rich and action-oriented discussion on business schools’ role in creating positive societal impact.

  • How is societal impact addressed in our school’s mission?
  • What values have been put in place that help drive our school’s societal impact?
  • How is our school addressing the needs, interests, and priorities around societal impact as expressed by students, faculty, industry partners, and community, taking into consideration diversity, inclusion, and belonging?
  • How is societal impact being addressed in our school’s curriculum, research, and outreach efforts?
  • How is our school communicating to its stakeholders (including students, faculty, alumni, industry, media, government, and community) about its values and efforts toward promoting societal impact?
  • What does success look like for making positive societal impact?
  • Is there a process in place for continuously evaluating efforts around societal impact and making improvements where needed?

Take Action

Based on this reflection, try to answer the following questions: 

  • Who are we going to partner with? 
  • What is our mutual purpose for partnering? 
  • How should we convene together with our partner(s)?
  • How should we work with our partners to turn conversation/ideas into action?