Impact of Technology on Human Resources Jobs

The Society for Human Resources Management's (SHRM) director of academic initiatives, Nancy Woolever, shares how recent and future developments in technology will, or won't, change the future of HR jobs.


Nancy Woolever: [00:05] Every single either research report that I read or a general press article that I read talks about how the majority of companies these days recruit either through LinkedIn or online recruiting boards.

[00:28] I think that is what is changing the face of how HR interacts with recruiters. If that trend is going to continue, then that will provide more opportunities for HR departments and functions to broaden how they use technology to find candidates.

[00:47] Because the war for talent is still going strong, I think that what we've seen is that regardless of what the position is, the biggest challenge is finding the right fit, the right skills, the right abilities, the right behaviors for the position that the company is trying to fill. They have to use every single resource that's at their fingertips, and increasingly, these days, it is at their fingertips.

[01:14] If they can learn how to and then leverage what's available to them through social media, through online job boards, then that will give them the talent that they need. That is something that HR is going to continue to need to embrace in order for their companies to remain competitive.

[01:32] As the face of the profession changes, in response to technology, the people in those positions are changing as well. It just provides a different way of doing things. It's not one or the other. It's just like, "OK, this is how things are now, I have to adapt," and that's what we've seen HR professionals doing.

[01:51] Plus, it makes it a lot easier, sometimes, if you're using and leveraging things like online, or automated sourcing programs to be able to respond to the compliance issues like your EEOC, complete your EEOC 1, which requires you to say the breadth and depth of diversity of candidates that you've been interviewing.

[02:15] Obviously, a lot of those things are better tagged and taken care of by using an HR information system, or something like that, in order to be able to sort, and clean, and all that kind of good stuff that you do to data, and then make enterprise management reports from it.

Filmed April 2017 on site at AACSB's International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) in Houston, Texas, USA.