How Beta Gama Sigma Can Benefit Business Students

Christina Carosella, CEO of Beta Gamma Sigma, chats with AACSB on how the business honor society benefits students.


Christina Carosellat: [00:15] The student experience with Beta Gamma Sigma begins the moment they accept the invitation. They have immediate access to all of our programs, the services, and also the global community, the network of BGS members around the world. They can make that experience whatever they want it to be.

[00:34] There could be three different levels of experience. One would be with the collegiate chapter within their school. There's also more than 47 alumni networks around the world that they can immediately connect in with that group, and then if you even take it to the global level, and I might even throw in a fourth.

[00:51] That fourth is the business community where their school is. They can connect locally, regionally, right there in their hometown on their campus, but then also anywhere in the world.

[01:02] My advice to BGS members, in particular students who are trying to find jobs, is to start networking as soon as possible. Network, network, network.

[01:10] That's one of the advantages, again, of membership, in that you have that exposure and that ability to connect through ConnectBGS, our online community, through the school, through their local business communities, to reach out and network with people.

[01:24] Another part of that would be to try to get internships as early as possible in their careers. More than 75 percent of businesses hire students who've been part of their internship programs, and many of BGS' members either are in companies with internship programs, or run companies with internship programs.

[01:42] I would encourage our members, network, reach out. I'd also say don't forget the concept of reciprocity, because it's great to ask for help from others and to ask for advice, but also be somebody who gives advice, or also connects other BGS members for whatever they might be looking for, too.

[01:59] Biggest and best thing that Beta Gamma Sigma does all year is our Global Leadership Summit. Those of us that work for Beta Gamma Sigma talk about how this is why we do what we do. The energy from this event, the connections that people make, the activities, the speakers, it's a very hands on event, students telling me that it's life changing.

[02:22] Just the fact that we can put that kind of program together that has that kind of impact, it is. It's why we do what we do. It's why Beta Gamma Sigma exists for our students and why we care so much about the programs we build and the connections that we help our students make.

Filmed at AACSB's Annual Accreditation Conference in September 2017.