Context Matters for Business Schools

Steve Harvey, dean of American University of Beruit's Olayan School of Business, talks on how important context is for management education.


Context Matters for Business Schools

Dan LeClair: [00:06] At AACSB, we talk a lot about how important the context is for management education. In fact, this is a key reason why we believe management ought to be different and distinctive depending on, not only where you are, but the types of things that people care about where they are.

[00:33] Tell us about what that context means to you at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut.

Steve Harvey: [00:42] The context is extremely important, I believe, to our future as a business school. We play a unique role in the future of Beirut, Lebanon, and in fact, the larger MENA region because of, partly our history, but also the potential we bring with that history. We find ourselves with an incredible opportunity for impact.

[00:59] As you know, engagement, impact are extremely important to us as a member school of AACSB. You can be at no better place than in the Middle East right now, because of the many challenges that are faced in society, not just in business, but in society, and how business can make a difference in that.

[01:21] It gives us an incredible opportunity to leverage what we have, what we need to develop into our future. We have extraordinary group of faculty, of staff, and students who look to what AUB, American University of Beirut, and particularly, the Olayan School of Business can provide in that respect.

[01:37] I feel, in a sense, very fortunate to be in a place where there's a great need for a business schools' support in transforming a region from a business perspective. Coming from North America, you can imagine from a personal standpoint, one is often looking for distinctiveness, looking for ways of making the school unique, relative to the many other schools that are around us.

[02:02] I don't have that sense in Lebanon. I don't have that sense in Beirut, none of the institutions I find myself at. It's very clear that we're being asked to take our students through a journey of learning about good business, global business, but also having impact on the region.

Filmed September 2016 on site at the Annual Accreditation Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.