Segment 4: Collaboration within the African and Emerging Region Context

May 2015

Dean Okonedo speaks of the unique value presented to global schools and companies when exploring and establishing opportunities for collaboration with business schools in Africa, like Lagos Business School. Although the value proposition presented to potential partners is attractive, some hurdles remain, including common pre-conceived perceptions of what it is like to attend a business schools or work in certain parts of Africa.

  • There is growing interest in establishing partnerships with LBS, especially among institutions who seek a better understanding of doing business in Nigeria and in Africa.
  • Perceptions of the region create a challenge in attracting individuals to the institution. LBS launched a program that invites visiting lecturers and others for short-term stays with the hopes that it will encourage longer-term stays or initiatives with the institution.
  • LBS is working to expose students to other parts of the world, largely by sending students to compete in case competitions held in various countries.
  • The greatest value proposition for collaboration among schools in developed and emerging regions is the exchange of knowledge and research opportunities that such collaboration may present.
  • Talent development and a deeper understanding of management problems are major opportunities for businesses to collaborate more with business schools in emerging markets.

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