Segment 5: Looking to What’s Ahead for Management Education in Africa

May 2015

Dean Okonedo shares the major trends shaping the future of management education in Africa, particularly the evolving role of technology, especially as a means for greater access to education, creating value to students and employers, the importance of sustainability in the curriculum, and the creation of sector-specific programs. As schools like Lagos Business School look to the future, a greater focus on serving society will become paramount in order for business schools in the region to be leaders in shaping both their communities and the world of management education.

  • The role of technology in higher education, particularly in providing greater accessibility of education to students, is a major area of interest within Africa.
  • Schools across Africa are more strongly considering the relevance they provide to students and business.
  • Embedding a greater emphasis on sustainability and ethics across the curriculum is an increasing trend in African business schools.
  • A greater number of sector-specific programs are appearing within business schools in Africa.
  • Schools in emerging regions must take on a greater role than just the teaching of management skills. They must act as leaders for making a greater impact on governance structures as well as on the social economic development of their communities.