What Is in a Name? AACSB Streamlines Assurance of Learning Seminar Titles

AACSB streamlines the names of four global seminars into two: Assurance of Learning (AoL) I and Assurance of Learning II.

AACSB International is in the process of changing the names of several of its global seminars. Going forward, the Assessment and Assurance of Learning Seminars will be known as Assurance of Learning Seminar I (AoL I), and the Applied Assessment and Applied Assurance of Learning Seminars will be known as Assurance of Learning Seminar II (AoL II). These changes are effective immediately and will be reflected on the AACSB seminar web pages.

AACSB Seminars Name Change

Background on Assessment/Assurance of Learning Seminars

Traditionally, the Assessment Seminar and Applied Assessment Seminar were offered in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, while the Assurance of Learning Seminar and Applied Assurance of Learning Seminar were offered in Asia Pacific. Even though the seminars had different titles relative to the region they were offered in, the content was essentially the same. The main difference was the examples used in the seminar content. And while the seminars will now have the same names regardless of region, the examples used will still be region-specific.

We hope that the new names will make it clearer to registrants that AoL I is for those new to Assurance of Learning, and AoL II is for those with more experience with the topic. To further help registrants determine which seminar they should attend, we have added an eight-question survey to our website.

For any questions regarding these name changes, please email me at [email protected].