Graduate Curriculum Conference

May 13-15, 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Graduate Curriculum Conference

May 13–15, 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Formerly the Redesigning the MBA Curriculum Conference

Drawing on diverse experiences and best practices, the Graduate Curriculum Conference will provide valuable insights about the content and pedagogies of graduate level curricula for full and part-time programs while also allowing participants to network and exchange ideas.

A diverse range of schools will share strategies for overcoming an environment of intense competition, financial constraints, employer expectations, and diverse technologies. We will discuss innovative graduate portfolios and share insights to create confident leaders with the knowledge and skills to effectively adapt to, and overcome, the challenges of an evolving global economy. Together, we will think strategically about questions of purpose, positioning, and program design for specialized masters and MBAs and gain guidance through the curriculum redesign process. With so much emphasis on what’s next, it’s imperative for b-school curricula to focus on the future. Join us as we explore:

Keeping up with business needs: what enhancements are business schools making to MBA and specialized masters programs to meet the expectations and demands of industry?
Pedagogy, teaching, and curriculum delivery: how are business schools designing traditional MBAs, non-traditional MBAs, and one-year specialized masters programs to have a competitive advantage in a saturated and changing market? 
Managing and marketing: how are business schools effectively managing graduate program portfolio growth and/or restructuring, and how are they solving the marketing challenges that come with these changes?

Who Should Attend

Business school deans and heads of business schools, program directors, curriculum coordinators, associate and assistant deans with responsibility for academic programs, and faculty members with responsibility for redesigning programs and curricula.

Conference Chair

Idalene Kesner
Dean, Indiana University Bloomington/Indianapolis

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