Associate Deans Conference

November 16–19, 2020

Associate Deans Conference

November 16–19, 2020 | Virtual Conference


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All around the world, others just like you are trying to balance their responsibilities to be successful in their position. Whether you're an associate, assistant or vice dean, a department chair in charge of program management and curriculum, or responsible for internal business school operations, this event is designed to meet your needs.

Consider this conference an opportunity to reflect on the key purpose of your position. Stay on top of trends by discovering what fellow administrators are doing at their business schools, and connect with others in your role to find solutions to the unique challenges you face.





Keynote II: Building a Diverse and Inclusive Future Workforce

Learn how schools and corporate America can work together to create more inclusive cultures during this keynote session. Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer at PwC, Shannon Schuyler, will provide key insights such as: 

  • Creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Tips to bridge the gap between business schools and corporations
  • How business schools and academia can utilize lessons from PwC's diversity journey



Aspiring, new, or experienced Associate, Assistant and Vice Deans with responsibility for internal business school operations, program director, department chairs, faculty, curriculum, and business school teams.


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