International Conference and Annual Meeting (In-Person)

This April, we are proud to convene the largest global gathering of business school leaders at AACSB’s International Conference and Annual Meeting.
April 24​ – 26​
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International Conference and Annual Meeting (In-Person)
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All conference sessions and times are subject to change – check back regularly for the latest schedule.
Join various Affinity Group meetings for a pre-conference learning and networking opportunity. More details coming soon.
Reconnect with old friends and make new ones at this informal New Orleans themed reception.
What are the DEIB challenges in your part of the world? What is the biggest issue at your institution? Join this moderated discussion in an informal setting, to hear from attendees on how they are engaging in DEIB efforts at their schools.
How can business schools keep up with constant changes while innovating, staying relevant, and meeting students’ expectations? Schools have been tasked with solving society’s problems, but are they appropriately structured to do so? Explore how we can rethink our schools’ business models to promote innovation and impact.
The incoming population of students is purpose driven, tech savvy, globally minded, and focused on social issues. Join this session to learn how your business school must adapt to their needs and identify the skills they will need to enter the workforce.
If you are preparing for a visit, this is a great opportunity to hear other schools’ experiences, their lessons learned, trends, and themes.
Given the fast-changing economic and technological environment, interdisciplinary education is the best way to prepare learners for future jobs. The pandemic has created an influx of new jobs and generated a need for leadership skill development in positions with non-business backgrounds. Does your school have a strategy for incorporating interdisciplinary research, engagement, and curriculum?
Supply chain issues are affecting every aspect of global trade and our everyday activities. How are business schools responding? Find out how schools are preparing students to manage operations and develop more resilient supply chains through relationships with businesses and governments.
The pandemic took a toll on students and staff mental wellness. How can we support their well-being, and improve it long-term?
Join this “what if” session to hear how you can proactively assess risk continually. Learn how you can not just identify the risk, but also rehearse and prepare for it.
Business school faculty research is expected to be timely, relevant, and actionable - but do our business schools truly incentivize and encourage such expectations? Join this session to hear how your school can create impactful research that is relevant and explores critical social and business problems.
The pandemic has changed the way we are connecting with our business partners – in experiential learning, teaching & learning, and outreach efforts. Join this moderated discussion in an informal setting, to hear from attendees on new ways they collaborating with business.
Posters out during the whole event but school representatives available for Q&A during this time.
Join your peers in a relaxing setting where you can catch up on life, discuss challenges, and exchange best practices from your institutions.
Join us for short activities to stretch, refresh your mind, and get reenergized.
Where do business schools fit in the emerging metaverse? Discover how the Metaverse could offer an inclusive learning environment, enhance leadership skills, and offer better learning outcomes. Let’s engage in a discussion on the future of business education, virtual campuses, and personalization.
Love it or hate it, hybrid learning might be here to stay. How can we take advantage of technology and creativity to collaborate both virtually and in-person on international projects?
Join this session to hear how schools are creating new and diverse models for recruiting, developing, and engaging faculty.
Business leadership is shifting focus from profit to purpose. Employers seek graduates who can help them contribute to society and address global issues. How can we ensure that our graduates value purpose more than profit? B-schools must teach that business should be a source of social and environmental progress.
Network with colleagues and enjoy the full ICAM experience. Get a preview of ICAM 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, USA (April 23-25, 2023).
If you have an upcoming Initial Accreditation visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the initial accreditation process, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
If you have an upcoming CIR visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the continuous improvement review, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
The Great Resignation has created an opportunity for schools to offer more non-degree and specialized skills development programs. What does the great resignation mean for your organization and the future of workplace?
More schools are jumping on the alternative credentials wagon. Is yours on board? Learn how microcredentials can be stacked into degree programs, how you can partner with businesses to offer more lifelong learning opportunities and keep your students coming back to learn for years to come.
Join this session to hear from schools who went through an accreditation visit in the past year and are showcasing their societal impact in action. Presenters will share how they illustrated their outcomes in Table 9.1, and addressed wicked problems, while getting their faculty engaged. Win-win for everyone!